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Cressi 2mm Protective Hood for Swimming/Snorkeling/Diving

  • Made of highly elastic material
  • Minimum flotation
  • Perfect fit
  • Great comfort
  • Lightweight, ideal for travel

Cressi AC2 / XS2 – Diving Scuba Regulator High Quality Int

SKU: HX780000
  • The AC2/XS2 is the entry-level regulator designed for beginners and rental operations. Its has lots of admirers in the world due to the fact that it is extremely simple and strong, features that make it easy to use and result in low-cost maintenance.
  • AC2, with a conical filter with great filtering capacity, essential to prevent the entry of particles from the bottles. Supplied airflow 2100 l / min.
  • External regulation LP by means of a hexagonal key greatly facilitates the management of revisions and maintenance to the technical services.
  • The XS2 2nd stage features a body of traditional dimensions, made of techno polymers, and a simple and very reliable side-valve “Downstream” regulation system (adjustable). Adjustable Venturi effect.
  • The regulator has 1 HP 7/16” outlet and 4 LP 3/8” outlets. The annual service is recommended, the maintenance kit is sold separately and contains all the parts to substitute when serviced.
  • Total weight INT version: 994 g | 2 lb 3 oz.
  • The AC2/XS2 is designed and manufactured in Italy by Cressi, an Italian brand pioneer in scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming equipment since 1946.

Cressi Adult Reactive Full Foot Pocket Scuba Diving Fins | Pro Star: Made in Italy

  • This is a futuristic fin, which introduces the use of more reactive materials also in the full foot fin sector of normal length.
  • This material is combined with a comfortable thermo-rubber used for the foot, for the side stringers and for various inserts.
  • The excellent, highly anatomic, computer-designed foot, guarantees optimum transmission of leg-fin thrust.
  • The resulting cocktail is a formidable product that makes kicking easier and powerful at the same time.

Cressi Agua Self Adjusting Fins – For Diving, Apnea & Snorkeling and sizes – Unisex Adults Juniors

  • Agua is a very easy fin to use
  • Still delivers excellent performance without tiring your feet
  • Blends makes for a consistently soft and adherent fit

Cressi Apnea Complete Wetsuit – Two Piece Apnea Wetsuit, available in Premium Neoprene 3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm for Men

  • New pattern, which improves the sealing of cuffs, ankles, and face
  • Top-level finishing
  • New double oversized load support with padding and non-slip and rip-stop fabric
  • Cut ending without fabric profile, simple, effective, and comfortable
Black Silicone/Black

Cressi C/Set Premium Adult Dry Snorkel Combo Set, Penta & Alpha Ultra Dry

  • Penta mask with Alpha Ultra Dry snorkel package.
  • A mask particularly suitable for free diving and snorkeling, but just as appropriate for use in scuba diving.
  • The dry snorkel has a unique splash guard at the end which greatly reduces the entrance of water during use on the surface
  • Extra Vision Made in Italy
  • Made with Premium High Quality Materials

Cressi Clio Full Foot Pocket Fins

  • A light and elastic fin, which however boasts all the features of the most famous Cressi fins of a superior range.
  • Liner, side stringers, inserts in soft rubber
  • The blade, made of EVA, is cast in the molding phase.
  • Computer designed shoe.
  • Made in Italy

Cressi Crg1B Unisex Adult Start Pro Scuba Set – Int Scuba Diving Package Set – Int Xs

  • Jacket Start Pro
  • MC9 / Compact
  • Octopus Compact
  • Console 2
Sold out

Cressi EBS Short Fit Reaction – Frog Plus Fins Strap (2pcs)

  • Cressi has developed this special strap to meet the needs of the most demanding divers.
  • Its special amply sized slot makes it very easy to put on, even when wearing thick gloves or three-fingered gloves for winter water.
  • The wrapping section is highly flexible, making adjustments unnecessary
  • Color: Black
  • Fabric type: 40 % Technical Polymers , 60 % latex
  • Package Dimensions: 16.8 L x 7.0 H x 10.8 W (centimeters)
Clear Aquam

Cressi Eyes Evolution Scuba Diving Snorkeling Mask (Made in Italy) Silicone

  • Cressi's Exclusive 100% Crystal Clear Silicone Skirt
  • Inclined Lenses for an increased visibility (+25%)
  • Made in Italy
  • Made with Premium High Quality Materials
  • Made by Cressi: manufacturer of watersports equipment since 1946

Cressi Free Frog Technical Diving Fins Dark

  • Fins for technical diving in Rubber / Eva
  • The shoe has been improved to better adapt to most different foot shapes
  • The Free Frog enjoys the exclusive characteristics of Cressi underwater fins while maintaining the spirit of the legendary Frog
  • The shovel originates directly from the upper part of the shoe
  • It is produced with a variant of low modulus polypropylene