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Cressi 2mm Protective Hood for Swimming/Snorkeling/Diving

  • Made of highly elastic material
  • Minimum flotation
  • Perfect fit
  • Great comfort
  • Lightweight, ideal for travel

Cressi Apnea Complete Wetsuit – Two Piece Apnea Wetsuit, available in Premium Neoprene 3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm for Men

  • New pattern, which improves the sealing of cuffs, ankles, and face
  • Top-level finishing
  • New double oversized load support with padding and non-slip and rip-stop fabric
  • Cut ending without fabric profile, simple, effective, and comfortable
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Cressi Aqua Socks – Multisport Shoes for Beach, Swimming, Pool and Water Sports

  • Cressi is a family-owned company, which has been manufacturing high quality products since 1946
  • The sole is resistant and flexible
  • The upper in sturdy thermoplastic material
  • Excellent shoes for all water sports, which also allow use in water
  • Non-slip sole with high coefficient of friction.

Cressi High Stretch Gloves 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 5mm

  • Five finger gloves made from single-lined soft, high-stretch Neoprene.
  • The inside is covered in Metallite to make them easy to put on.
  • The entire surface is covered with a non-slip finish for a sure grip in all situations.
  • The preformed shape favours the natural position of the hand, with semi-bent fingers.
  • The High Stretch Gloves are designed in Italy by Cressi and made in China. Cressi has been an Italian brand pioneer in scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming equipment since 1946.

Cressi Professional Swim Training Hand Paddles

  • The swim paddles have comfortable adjustable straps can fix middle finger and wrist well, providing greater stability for palms when swimming.
  • Dual density construction for better grip and comfort.
  • Tubular hand strap for micro adjustment.
  • Ergonomic design to reduce shoulder strain, improve your swimming power and skill.
  • Curved design for palm follow theory of nature mechanics, they are your best choice for practicability and comfort.

Cressi Swim Gloves, Neoprene Webbed Gloves for Unisex Adult Swimming and Training

  • Highly Durable Neoprene Gloves with Webbed Finger.
  • Adjustable wrist closure.
  • Ultra flexible webbing for use during water resistance training.
  • Helps create smoother movement in water for a more comfortable upper body workout.
  • Provides increased propulsion through the water.

Cressi Unisex Ultra Stretch Premium Neoprene Socks Anti Slip 1.5mm Man and Woman 1.5mm

  • Ideal thermal protection on cold feet for snorkelling or diving.
  • Anatomically shaped Neoprene sock, therefore, it offers a good fit achieved
  • 100% Neoprene
  • Ultra Stretch Neoprene
  • XDF200160
  • Also suitable for ankle socks
  • Quick-drying material
  • Neoprene Thickness: 1.5 mm