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Cressi Kai Knife Sheath Nylon

SKU: RZ559500

Cressi Kai Mini Knife Nylon Sheath

SKU: RZ559510
  • Cressi is a family-owned company that has been passionately developing aquatic sports products since 1946
  • Nylon sheath for a diving knife
  • Original spare part for Cressi Mini Kai Knife
  • Made from high-quality seawater resistant materials
  • Ergonomic and streamlined profile

Cressi Killer Diving Knife – Black/Grey – 18cm

SKU: RC554000
  • A small knife that's been around for years now, highly appreciated because it is easy to handle and the blade penetrates really well
  • This is forged from a single piece of stainless steel and is blocked at the grip by a screw knob situated at the end of the grip
  • One side of the blade has a smooth cutting edge, the other is partly serrated
  • The anatomical techno polymer grip ends at the blade with a thumb tab
  • The sheath is made from plastic and has a traditional elastic band to hold on the knife

Cressi Lizard Knife

SKU: RC559600

Cressi Orca Diving Knife 300mm

SKU: RC556000

Cressi Predator Knife Tl 18cm

SKU: RC554500

Cressi Sheath + Straps – Professional Diving Knife

  • For knife Killer
  • Made with premium high quality materials
  • Color Black