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We Have Places to Sell Your Products Online With Us. What’s Best for Your Business?

When your business relies on selling your product or service online, there are quite a few e-commerce platforms to choose from. Not all of them will be the right fit for your online business, though, that’s why we’ve put down what’s on offer and what’s a good fit for your business.

Thanks to the internet, the lack of a physical shop is no longer a barrier to retail victory. Adventurous retailers can take advantage of various online marketplaces to sell their products.

By determining the right market for your products, and bypassing those with substantial fees or obligations, you can look to grow your online store strategically, and successfully.


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Read this before you apply for selling your goods with us.

  1. Have products to Sell– 1 or many, won’t matter much. But yes, the product should be of ‘good quality’ as the Website’s brand is associated with selling the product.
  2. Product Portfolio: In case you have hundreds or thousands of products, you should have a ‘Portfolio’ ready for the products in digital (PDF or Excel preferred).This portfolio should have Good quality Photographs (multiple angles, if needed) and full details and pricing of the product (including the MRP, the expected current Market selling price after discounts, and the ‘transaction price’ i.e. the price at which you will provide this product to the company (website). Ask for help
  3. Shipping and Shipping Policies: You must clearly specify and understand the difference between drop-shipping and other delivery / courier options. Mostly, big companies will provide their own courier. And, that is preferred. Otherwise, be ready to have your own shipping partner, just in case.
  4. Packaging: Be specific about ‘who will and how to package the products’. The packaging material and branding – will it be provided or will it be your own? Ask for help.
  5. Payments: Clearly discuss the ‘payment cycles’ i.e. the time they will release your sales payout. Mostly, it is once or twice a week, the catch is, it’s a week after the delivery confirmation’. Some website may offer same day / same week payment even on just orders, but that is feasible mostly only for big sellers / high volume sellers as is understood.
  6. Website: You ‘Don’t need to have an existing Website’. If you were a offline retailer / wholesaler / merchandiser or dealer, that’s sufficient. You Just NEED to Have PRODUCTS and offer good pricing.
  7. Technically: Some bigger companies, likes of daraz, amazon, Floppy and Snappy, they all now will provide you a seller login ID from where you or someone you might hire, will upload the products and details and update stocks as necessary. Don’t worry; they give full demonstration and training in this regard. And With us you don’t need to be a computer wizard. Our companies will upload your product details to our all website themselves (remember, it takes a lot of time ~ may be one or two days for 100-200 products, varies accordingly).
  8. You, should, be Realistic, while being Optimistic. i.e. hope for high volumes, and they may come overnight in first few days, but, if not, then just hang on. Look what’s wrong, consult and discuss.
  9. Legal: For sure, last and least, you will need to have a ID Card, or if you are quite a big seller, the TIN etc formalities for sales taxes etc (I’m not pretty sure here, but you will get to know more about this during registration).

And yes, your Bank Details should be asked by company administration.

Be sure to read the complete Terms and Conditions for being a seller. Note, this is NOT the usual “Terms and Conditions” for installing a software etc, this will influence your business, and not fully understanding the TnC, may cause severe monetary penalties. So do take a printout, and take your time to not only read, but understand them. And then further, write down emails and call to concerned people for any further clarifications (these so-called people will be delicately handling your case at these websites, so don’t hesitate to ping them).

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